The DINO COSTA Show provides for a one-of-a-kind, original and unmistakable sports radio soundtrack.

A SHOW with serious ‘wow factor’, and a SHOW that has consistently attracted, built, and sustained audiences, wherever and whenever it has been broadcast, The DINO COSTA Show connects with listeners like few others.

While The SHOW DNA comes equipped with a high-degree of refreshingly candid opinion and commentary, and while The SHOW has strong opinions that are sometimes met with resistance by some listeners, on the other hand, The SHOW has never found itself involved in some of the unfortunate and embarrassing episodes that have hamstrung some other programs and the individuals hosting those programs.

Please note that The SHOW has never been arrestednever been charged with any crimes of any kind, never been involved with any kinds of illegal drugs, never been involved in any alcohol issues, never been involved in any gambling issues, never been involved in any domestic violence issues, never involved in any assault & battery issues, and never has The SHOW been accused of running any ponzi-schemes.

In short, The DINO COSTA Show has always comported itself as a decent and law-abiding citizen at all times.

Unfortunately, the world of sports media and sports radio has seen many instances of personalities running afoul of the law in myriad ways.

The DINO COSTA Show wishes each of the individuals listed on this page nothing but the very best as they make their way back from an assortment of foibles previously attributed to each of their names. Each of these individuals is still gainfully employed within the sports media industry and The DINO COSTA Show applauds the decisions involved in providing many of these hosts 2nd, and sometimes, 4th and 5th chances at redemption.

While The DINO COSTA Show is far from perfect, unlike other hosts and programs, The DINO COSTA Show has never:


Never Copied  pictures of genitals and sent them to female staffers


Never been arrested and charged for domestic violence against their partner/wife


Never been arrested for drunkenly walking into the wrong hotel room bereft of clothing and refusing to leave


Never been Arrested for DUI & public intoxication while also found on a highway with their vehicle engine still running while curled up in a fetal position lying on the road as the police arrived. Never been sued by satellite television carrier ‘DirecTV’ for admittedly stealing their signal & bragging about it on the air. Never fleeced an off-shore bookmaking operation out of 44K while then being chased around the city of Miami for months by the company looking to get their money back. Never noted on-air that Venus & Serena Williams would be better suited to appear in the pages of National Geographic than Playboy magazine. Never referred to members of the women’s USA soccer team as a bunch of juiced-up dykes.


Never been arrested for allegedly running a ponzi scheme — bilking people out of a reported $4 million dollars while also being involved in a ticket scam.


Never been thrown off of Radio Row at The Super Bowl for an outrageously disturbing screaming match with a rival radio personality.


Never arrested and charged with one count of battery on a person 70 years of age (his Dad).


Never been arrested on charges for soliciting a prostitute


Never bragged on the air about sleeping with various program interns (fired as a result – then rehired)


Never been charged and arrested on a DUI charge


Never been charged with credit-card fraud, financial transaction card fraud, and financial transaction card theft.


Never been arrested for DUI


Never been arrested on felony assault charges against a woman


Never sued by the Neilsen ratings company for manipulating ratings, never charged with felony animal cruelty, never been accused of domestic violence, never sued by Bank Of America over a 75K line of credit.


Never charged with sexual assault and forcible sodomy on a woman before eventually pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault.


Never been accused of stalking a woman on a highway in addition to countless allegations of sexual impropriety while at ESPN.


Never been arrested and charged with fraud