Forceful, defiant, bold, an unmistakable statement.

However, some might misinterpret the meaning of our Show logo.

Our logo pictured above is never something that is a signal to any
of our listeners or viewers – and never a message to the passionate and
loyal fans of The DINO COSTA Show.

To the contrary.

Instead, our logo is representative of a clear message to the mainstream,
government-approved, government-controlled, news media community across

While mainstream media continues to insult their listeners and viewers,
while they traffic in all kinds of manipulation and nefarious agendas.

While they continue to silence independent voices, neutering and censoring
content they disapprove of, we, on the other hand, pay them no homage
whatsoever and proudly defecate on their arrogance.

We’ll speak what is on our minds unrepentantly.

Unlike them, we not only value free speech and free expression – but we
also make those items our own personal ethos, something that we champion
without deviation or apology.

Our logo, the middle-finger salute, is a definite and unapologetic answer
to mainstream news media, a signal that we will never play by their
narrow-minded and politically-correct ideals – as well as something that
assures our fans that they will always hear the raw and uncensored
commentary that has always been a part of The DINO COSTA Show presentation.

Our logo tells the mainstream media where they can go, as well as political
correctness, the cancel-culture, and every chicken-shit member of the media
industry who insists on creating the fictitious, misleading, and deceptive
narrative they do, while continuously efforting to indoctrinate and
brainwash the masses with their slickly produced and highly polished
bullshit that feature unrealistic rules of engagement meant to oppress and
overrule individual thought.

The mainstream news media in all sectors is a farcical representation of
reality, and yet, they continue to seduce the uninitiated and simple-minded
with their many propaganda methods, poisoning millions of minds with lies,
half-truths, and insulting politically-correct spin.

While the mainstream news media is in bed with America’s corporate
power-structure, the United States Government, as well as various
special-interest groups, we are not, and our logo is meant to expose these
submissive charlatans who are well-trained at the heels of their
oligarchical masters and overlords.

The DINO COSTA Show logo is our very own Pirate flag, it tells all who are
thinking of joining our crew that we refuse to play by the same rules, that
we refuse to kowtow to allegedly acceptable societal precepts, and that
we’ll chart our own course.

On the other hand, they take their
marching orders from their corporate shills all while misleading and
disrespecting their audiences that they always take for granted.

This is the way we do Radio.

Our Show and all of our presentations are fashioned to be in the image of
our founder, DINO COSTA.

We don’t believe in perfection because perfection is not attainable.

What we do believe in is being open.

Being bold.

And we believe in not being afraid.