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DOGGIE STILL A (W)FAN?It appears Chris (Mad Dog) Russo is keeping his employment options open – including a return to WFAN. Why else would Doggie verbally destroy his colleague, the Mastermind, Dino Costa, during his Thursday Sirius/XM gabfest? Costa’s sin? Ripping Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa for dissing Russo. Francesa told Mikhail Prokhorov Doggie was “working somewhere else” and has gone to radio “obscurity.” After contending that he has much respect for the Pope as a radio pro, Costa proceeded to pound him. “Radio obscurity your big fat ass,” Costa said. “The guy (Russo) is doing a national show.” Costa had a few other choice words for his Holiness. Instead of thanking the Mastermind for watching his back, Russo, once again genuflecting to Francesa, skewered Costa. Stuff like “what has Dino done in his career?” and “Dino, you actually worked in Wheeling, West Virginia.” “Enough is enough,” Russo said. “Let me fight the battles with WFAN.” Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Now, some of this could just be radio shtick. The more troubling aspect, which Costa alluded to on his Thursday night “Experience,” is that “Mad Dog Radio” management had a problem with him trashing Francesa. This would indicate someone at “MDR” needs to grow a spine – pronto. If Dog and his lackeys have a problem it ain’t Dino. He’s actually entertaining. Perhaps they should shift their concern to cleaning out “MDR’s” morning drive-time garbage dump

Chazz razzes Rex
Actor says he never would don cap of rival

Award-winning actor and New York native Chazz Palminteri called into “The Dino Costa Show” on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio recently to weigh in on the decision by Jets coach Rex Ryan to appear in an upcoming Adam Sandler movie as a New England Patriots fan. Costa was critical of Ryan’s judgment and Palminteri phoned in to voice his agreement, citing his own experiences in Hollywood and the steadfast devotion to his beloved Yankees that prevents him from donning any other team’s apparel.

“There were a couple of movies where they wanted me to wear a Mets hat and I said ‘no,’” said the writer and star of “A Bronx Tale.” “And the director was really insistent and I said, ‘Look, get somebody else. I can’t wear the hat.’ And they said, ‘Chazz, you’re a character. It’s not you.’ I said, ‘I can’t put it on. I can’t do it.’”

As for Ryan’s willingness to associate himself with a rival team, even if only on the silver screen, Palminteri said, “That means he cares more about Rex Ryan than he does about the team. He doesn’t need the money. He doesn’t have to do that. I couldn’t put on another uniform unless it was a Yankee hat or a Yankee uniform. I swear on my mother and father I couldn’t do it.”

Read The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Story On DINO’s Move To Saint Louis

“There’s no question in my mind he’s a legit top-drawer talent who can be an entertaining, informative and must-listen (host) as long as he prioritizes,” Hadley said. “And that priority has to be No. 1 the listener, No. 2 sports — and nothing else. The day that he stops concerning himself with social media will be the day his career finally flourishes. He legitimately has game. The only problem he runs into is when he allows his bickering and bantering on social media to override his accomplishments on the air. If he just comes to town and does his job, we will prosper by having him in the lineup. We’ve made too many strides, there’s too much good to allow one individual to derail this. What we need is the best of Dino Costa on the air”


Read NY Daily News Mention About DINO’s Move To Saint Louis

Dino (Mastermind) Costa is headed back to St. Louis, with his health – barely — intact. That would include his big heart and his brain, as always, working in overdrive.“The deterioration of my body physically has me most concerned,” Costa said. “The last five years my blood pressure has spiked to dangerously high levels … But I’m not dead yet.”For 10 months, Costa, with the aid of several sponsors, self-funded his Midnight-3 a.m. Moondog Serenade here on AM-970. It was the magnificence of Dino, who left a hole in SiriusXM “Mad Dog” Sports Radio’s soul that has yet to be filled when he split the satellite scene five years ago, on display to the max.


September 23, 2018“While Francesa is taking credit for being the first local Gasbag to discover Sam Darnold (the Pope is predicting stardom for the Jets rookie), 970-AM’s Dino (Mastermind) Costa, has followed Sudden Sam since college and, unlike most, has little to no confidence in the Jets rookie. “While the rest of the lightweights on New York sports radio have been genuflecting in front of Darnold, I, on the other hand, have never been on the hype train and have advised people to chill,” Dino squawked.”

“Listening to Dino Costa’s 970-AM show is like walking down a dark alley — you never know who or what is going to jump out and “surprise” you. On a recent show, Costa encouraged all callers to dial in and say what they hate about him and his show. This made for some very interesting radio.”

For reasons known only to him, WABC-AM’s Sid (Sidiot) Rosenberg thought it was a swell idea to go on Twitter Thursday and gloat over the apparent demise of 970-AM’s Dino (Mastermind) Costa.

Early Thursday morning, Costa, who funds his own Midnight-3 a.m. show, said he would be pulling the plug on it in early August. But by early Friday morning, Costa, who has been known to frequently change his mind, did it again saying — loudly — he was staying put and the show would continue.

Ironically, he credited Rosenberg, among others, for providing the inspiration to press on. Then, on the air, all hell broke loose. Costa, along with his producer, Cigarette proceeded to, in a hot and hilarious spiel, surgically (and graphically), dissect Rosenberg’s career “highlights.”

By the way, In Rosenberg’s Thursday tweet he tried getting me involved but I was too busy doing laundry to join the fray.

“Once Francesa starts putting listeners to sleep again, Entercom suits might want to pop Dino Costa on a weekend FAN shift or whatever. If the standard is now a few months for being in or out at FAN, DC, now heard on 970-AM, will prove himself in one night.”
-NY Daily News, 4-29-18

“Dino (Mastermind) Costa’s (970-AM) rip job on a caller, Mario From Queens, was the bomb. Dino totally lost it (“I’ll come to Queens and whip your butt”) after Mario dared criticize Costa for not offering more national stories on his NYC based show. While Dino was wigging, Cigarette, his producer, was hiding under his desk”

“The world of overnight sports talk will get a much needed shot of juice starting Tuesday morning when Dino (Mastermind) Costa launches his new show (Tuesday-Friday, Midnight to 3 a.m.) on AM 970 The Answer.”

“Obviously there is a lot of great sports radio in New York,” Costa said. “I feel privileged to be a part of the New York sports radio scene and I hope I can do my part to provide another option for sports fans looking for something a little bit different.”

“What, a humble Dino too? It’s got to be an act, right?”

If Dino (Mastermind) Costa was trying to get a reaction out of his former SXM colleague Chris (Mad Dog) Russo, he has succeeded — big-time.

“It’s no surprise Costa has continued his early morning verbal assaults on Dog during his 970-AM (The Answer) show. He’s trying to put a spotlight on himself. The latest salvo had Dino accusing Russo of stiffing a Minny cab driver during his Super Bowl week shows. Coincidentally (or was it?) a regular SXM caller (Mario From Minnesota, who is a cab driver) dialed up Russo’s show on Thursday to dispute Doggie’s version of how Dino departed SXM after five years on the job.”

“Incredibly these two Yap Flappers have something in common. When they speak about each other they do it in tones of disdain/disregard bordering on hate. It’s impossible to stop listening to either of them. If it’s any consolation, Dino has not been much kinder to 98.7’s Michael Kay, to whom he derisively refers as “Baby Huey.””

“And when it comes to Kay’s quest to be No. 1 in afternoon drive ratings Costa, after referring to Kay “as a TV guy masquerading as a talk show host” and “thin-skinned,” said: “Number one of what? A sports radio castle someone like me can huff and puff and blow over.””

“Anyway, as long as Russo is booking a reunion with Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa every other month, Doggie should get together with Dino for an hour or so. At least that would be worth listening to.”

“FAN’s Joe Benigno and 970’s Dino Costa are big Jets fans. Dino is not as kind as Joey B is to the fan base. When D.C. hears callers say the Jets shouldn’t draft Josh Allen, he says: “Jets fans are the stupidest, most ignorant, nonsensical, unrealistic fans on the planet.” Guess he really doesn’t like them.”

“It was inevitable Sirius/XM suits would fire Dino (Mastermind) Costa, which they did Friday. It was an incredibly dumb move by people who have reduced some of their talkies to antidotes for insomnia.

When SXM “Sportszone” program director Tim Sabean pulled Costa off the air Wednesday, Dino’s days were numbered. He was yanked for being himself, going on an entertaining riff (it wasn’t the first time) about how his bosses wanted to change him, turn him into someone only capable of robotic sports recitations with no depth or imagination.

Whoever threw Costa off SXM’s Ship of Fools never understood they had a singularly unique personality, a yakker who built and maintained a cult following and more. Instead of building on that foundation, they tore down the house, burned it, then celebrated their own stupidity.”

“Sid (Sidiot) Rosenberg must be losing his mojo

On his Thursday night Sirius/XM masterpiece, Dino Costa torched Sidiot’s new book, dissecting it with the precision of a brain surgeon.

To say The Mastermind totally embarrassed Sidiot is being kind. That’s why it was stunning Rosenberg did not call in to confront Costa. The old Sidiot never backed down.

Rosenberg was listening (Smart move. He can learn something from Dino). Stoolies said Sidiot e-mailed Costa. We don’t know the contents of his missive. Or if it is even suitable for printing in this newspaper.”

“Costa said he is “more than proud” of what he accomplished in his five years at SXM, and what he delivered to an audience looking for a “radical departure” in sports talk.”

“Costa is unpredictable but clever. He’s compelling. An original – a mastermind.”

“Tomorrow’s Mets home opener is not the biggest event in New York. That honor is reserved for the arrival of The Mastermind, Dino Costa, to NYC where he will permanently set up shop and paint his nightly masterpiece from Sirius/XM’s midtown studios. Tapes of each show will be immediately delivered to the Museum of Broadcasting.”

“Weekly Dino Costa reference: Is it true Sirius/XM boss Mel Karmazin is considering re–branding, changing the channel’s name from “Mad Dog Radio” to “Mastermind DinoRadio?””

“Dude of the Week: Dino Costa. The resident lunatic and mastermind of Sirius/XM’s “Mad DogRadio” did not disappoint during his Manhattan invasion. Costa threw a wicked curve Thursday night when he teamed with Electric Circus ringmaster Scott Ferrall. A situation ready to spin out of control, featuring two yutzes fitted for matching straitjackets before the gig, proved to be edgy and enlightening – seriously. The roof didn’t blow off until King Scotty departed. Costa morphed into Ferrall, doing a perfect, hour–long imitation of the gravelly voiced yakker. Under this cover, Dino MC’d a Dump–O–Thon, torching numerous suspects – including his boss, Chris (Mad Dog) Russo. Costa indicated Doggie wears his “Marquis” costume outside the studio. “(Russo) puts on a wig,” Costa said. “He needs to see a psychiatrist.”

“What a week Dino Costa turned in on Sirius/XM filling in for Chris (Mad Dog) Russo. Do everyone a favor Doggie, take another week off so The Mastermind can mastermind afternoon drive. Plenty of highlights. Like On Thursday, when Costa took 79 calls in an hour. Or Wednesday, when he psycho–analyzed himself. Never easy. We now have more proof Costa is cutting through. Last week, we were approached by a former WFAN talkie who now spends his time on TV. He seemed miffed over our role as Costa’s chief pom–pom waver.”

“Costa’s a must–listen. If Sirius/XM’s Chris (Mad Dog) Russo was transported back in time, and asked to scout a young Sandy Koufax, his report would have said: “He’s got too much on his curveball. He’s too wild. I’ll take a pass.” If Russo continues dumping on Costa, it will provide ample evidence that, as a talent evaluator, Doggie’s clueless. With Costa working the night shift, there’s now actually a terrific reason to listen to “MDR” after 8 p.m. By the way, Costa will be filling in for Doggie this week. This means there is finally a great reason to listen to “MDR” from 2 p.m.–7 p.m.”

“Tuesday, Jackson phoned in after Russo inferred Reggie is a guy suffering from the disease of me. “I’m your friend,” Jackson said. “You can’t be banging me.” Wonder what Jax would’ve done if he heard Dino Costa’s Monday night rant? The Mastermind replayed Russo’s interview, pausing only to put a verbal beatdown on Jackson. Costa came to a singular conclusion. “Reggie Jackson,” Costa said, “is a narcissistic bastard.”

“As he does most every week, Chris (Mad Dog) Russo torched Dino Costa, the Mastermind of “Mad Dog Radio.” Dog ain’t no dope. Just mentioning Dino stirs listeners up. Russo also knows the tremendous value of Costa. That’s why gnomes working for Doggie got Costa to agree to a renegotiated, one–year deal, which will keep Dino yakking in the kennel (for more than dog bones) through March 2011.”

“The Dino Costa experience continues infiltrating every crevice of Sirius/XM’s “Mad Dog Radio.” On “Stack’s House,” Jerry Stackhouse went Dino on Richard Jefferson, torching the Spurs forward. Unfortunately, someone didn’t sprinkle some Dino Dust on Chris (Mad Dog) Russo before his interview with Mark McGwire. Ain’t calling this a Twinkie Munch. Just saying Doggie wasn’t as biting as he can be. Maybe listening to some Dino tapes will get the Dog back in the groove.”

SXM's Christopher (Mad Dog) Russo is interested in conspiracy theories and concocted another when the phones on his
high budget show went dead. Dog blamed the malfunction on his old nemesis Dino (Mastermind) Costa. Even after all these
years Costa, who belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of SXM "Mad Dog Sports Radio" hosts, is still somewhere in Doggie's head.
“Never underestimate the radio savvy of Sirius/XM’s Chris (Mad Dog) Russo. After doing a full five–hour shift on Tuesday, Doggie made a lengthy appearance on DinoCosta’s yakk attack during the first hour of that show. Obviously Russo knows where most “Mad Dog Radio” listeners are. He wants a piece of Costa’s action, if only to promote his slo–mo afternoon show. Dog looked to use Dino as his personal fire hydrant. But it was Russo who got dissed on. Doggie was no match for Costa, the Mastermind, during a debate over the merits of Jerry West and Kobe Bryant.”