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The SHOW will debut in early December for 3-hours (or more) each night.
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Call The SHOW Toll Free: 833-455-0233

All DINO COSTA Show’s are FREE every time they are broadcast.

The war against the establishment and their minions will soon commence.

Are you ready – and are you with me?

This platform is 100% listener-supported.

Please consider contributing to this cause and allowing for the kind of
talk radio to exist and thrive that is most important to you, a show not
available anywhere else, a show not permitted anywhere else.

We hope that in order for our program and our platform to thrive and grow,
all freedom-loving people who believe in our work will take an
opportunity to step forward and contribute to what is a crucial cause.

Freedom of speech isn’t always free, however, with your support, we can
deliver the most honest & candid Online Talk Radio platform in America.

Sports, Politics, Life…And Everything In Between.

Your donation dollars will keep The DINO COSTA Show on the air for many
months and years to come.

Additionally, we value your privacy which is why your identity will always
be kept confidential.

Get involved, join the fight, and put some skin in the game with us.

It’s our time now, a time to turn some tables while speaking TRUTH.

Fuck em’.

This is our time.

This is for all of us.

Thank you for your consideration.

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