Another Original And Exclusive Column From The Mind Of DINO COSTA

–October 23, 2019

It’s true that we never stop learning.

For instance, I had no idea until I read about this latest overblown piece
of news concerning the Houston Astros assistant general manager, that if I
see someone walking around with a purple bracelet on their wrist that it
means that they support the fight against domestic violence in America.

Who knew?

But it leads me to wonder what color the bracelet is for the thousands of
men in America who are also subjected to domestic violence each year?

Or do the men not get a bracelet?

Get back to me on that one, would you?

Apparently, Astros assistant GM, Brandon Taubman, got overly rambunctious
in the team’s clubhouse following their ALCS clinching win over the Yankees
last Saturday night, and turned to a few lady reporters on the scene and
said; “Thank God we got Osuna! I’m so fucking glad we got Osuna!”

I guess he could have left the word “fucking” out of his thoughts.

Osuna, is Astros closer Roberto Osuna, who the Astros acquired in a trade
with Toronto this past July, who at the time of his acquisition was
finishing up a suspension for domestic violence, a charge that was
eventually dismissed when his girlfriend at the time fled the country and
refused to be a part of any investigation.

One of the reporters on hand in the Astros clubhouse, a woman, was wearing
a purple bracelet, which as I noted above is to be taken as that person
being someone in support of any female who was unfortunately involved in a
domestic violence incident.

Okay, I can dig it.




Another Original And Exclusive Column From The Mind Of DINO COSTA

-October 22, 2019

It was a shit show that outdid any shit show on national television since I
can remember.

Where should I begin?

How about this: Patriots 33 – Jets 0.

The end, enjoy the rest of your day.

But there’s more to say, much more.

It wasn’t so much the final outcome of the game, because only the most
sycophantic Jets fan alive talked themselves into believing that the Jets
would win last night.

Losing is one thing, however, being so utterly feeble, unprepared, and
non-competitive, to the point where any objective Jets fan would be forced
to admit that last night their team had nothing in common with what an NFL
team should look like – this is what’s so unacceptable.

Unlike many, the last thing I have ever done is to hate on Bill Belichick
and the Patriots over the years.

On the contrary, I’ve always held New England in high-regard and recognized
that what we’ve seen with this organization over the last 20-years, is to
admire a dynasty the likes of when it finally does reach it’s conclusion
someday, it will constitute a franchise that will have achieved what no
other franchise will ever be able to match.

Of course, Belichick is the greatest coach in the history of the sport at
the pro-level, and to see him on the sidelines last night, the game well in
hand, and yet, there was Belichick coaching with an intensity that would
have suggested his club was behind by 10-points with only 5-minutes left in
the game instead of cruising their way to a Monday evening blowout victory.

The foundation of New England’s system over the years, the professionalism
and concrete culture exhibited by the Patriots, the leadership in place,
the vision, the total buy-in from players throughout Belichick’s history in
Foxboro, it was all on display only a few hours ago.

All of the New England competence that has always been a part of the
Patriots pedigree under Belichick is in stark contrast to what the Jets are
right now, and what the Jets have been for so many years since their birth
all the way back in 1960.




Another Original And Exclusive Column From The Mind Of DINO COSTA

-October 21, 2019

Baseball’s silly season isn’t too far away.

So let’s get silly.

Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich is facing a huge offseason for his

After Colorado made the post-season in back-to-back years for the first
time ever in 2017-18, the Rockies fell off a cliff last year finishing at
71-91 and if not for San Diego’s awful last 2-months of the season Colorado
could have finished in the NL West basement.

Mets general manager/player-agent Brodie Van Wagenen also faces a big
offseason himself.

Both of these clubs need to make changes – and both clubs operate under
stricter payroll guidelines than many other teams do.

Thus, the ability of both teams to get better while also permitting
themselves opportunities to spend free-agent dollars more judiciously will
come in the form of creative and forward-thinking player trades.

As bad as Colorado was last season, they still have core pieces that could
allow them to flip their record next year and find themselves back in the
post-season, especially if they can improve their pitching which was
terrific the year before, but regressed badly in 2018.

Given some of the Mets payroll obligations for 2020, one would think that
their ability to spend lavishly in free agency will be prohibited by some
of the contracts they have on their books, most notably, the Robinson Cano
deal, which severely restricts what the Mets might be able to do if not for
that disastrous ball and chain contract around the organization’s ankles.

Colorado has big decisions to make, what with the decision that will soon
be upon them concerning their shortstop, Trevor Story, who has become one
of baseball’s best players over the last few years in Denver.

Will they resign Story?

Can they resign Story give some of their other cash outlays?

Over the next two years, the Rockies have $113-million dollars committed to
two players – outfielder Charlie Blackmon – and third baseman Nolan Arenado.




Another Original And Exclusive Column From The Mind Of DINO COSTA

-October 21, 2019

Noted sports talk radio host Mike Francesa once admonished a caller by
saying that it was silly to refer to Houston Astros second baseman Jose
Altuve as a “great player.”

When Altuve is giving his speech on the stage in Cooperstown in about
12-years, I wonder if Big Mike will still feel the same?

Has the ball that Altuve CRUSHED in the bottom of the 9th inning the other
night, has it landed yet?

What a ballgame on Saturday night, eh?

I figured that after the Yankees D.J. LeMahieu homered off of Astros closer
Roberto Osuna in the top of the 9th that the chances of the Yankees winning
that game shot up to more than 75%

Houston had exhausted their bullpen up to that point and most figured that
Aroldis Chapman would swing the pendulum of momentum toward the Yankees
side for at minimum – 2-innings of work – and that if the Yankees could
score in the top of the 10th against…well, we never got a chance to find
out who Astros manager AJ Hinch was going to send into the game in the top
of the 10th because the top of the 10th never happened.

After the Yankees Game-1 victory, I thought they were in great shape to win
this series and get back to a World Series for the first time since 2009.

It was not to be.

So for the first time since the 1910s the Yankees completed an entire
decade and not once did they get a chance to play for all the marbles.

The last time a World Series showed up in New York? Think the Mets – back
in 2015.

With so much Yankee-futility in this decade which will soon pass, I’m
thinking that Rob Manfred may want to take a close look at Yankees
ownership and find out if they’re the proper stewards of this franchise.




Another Original And Exclusive Column From The Mind Of DINO COSTA

-October 21, 2019

The next manager of the Chicago Cubs will be…Joe Girardi.

Then again, perhaps not.

The Pirates will name Twins bench-coach Derek Shelton as their next
skipper, while the Phillies will come to terms with Buck Showalter and the
Padres will settle upon Ron Washington.

Wait, maybe the Pirates will go with Mark Kotsay, the Giants will select
Hensley Mullens, while the Mets, after interviewing their candidates – will
find nobody they like enough to hire and then they’ll just bring Mickey
Callaway back for another year.

It’s an offseason of managerial merry-go-round in baseball with nine (9)
teams having vacant manager-openings – that is – until the Angels hired Joe
Maddon last week,

So 8-openings remain – and the list of names attached to various team’s
numbers between 15-20 individuals of varying baseball pedigree.

But with baseball’s manager profile changing so much over the past few
season’s and with teams willing to contemplate what they consider to be
outside the box candidates who come straight out of the broadcast booth –
or out of a team’s front office in some instances – there is still one area
where baseball hasn’t yet gone – a place where the other big-3 sports
leagues have gone – but not baseball.




Another Original And Exclusive Column From The Mind Of DINO COSTA

-October 21, 2019

I think it’s important to note something that seemingly nobody is talking about – but they should be – because this is the latest crazy step in the process by which free-speech in America is under vigorous assault.

This is actually scary and frightening, not figuratively, but literally.

Just last week, a Wisconsin jury awarded the father of what is thought to be a victim of the Sandy Hook School shooting back in 2012, $450,000, after an author penned a book on Sandy Hook titled “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook.”

 It was ruled that James Fetzer, co-author of the book, had defamed Leonard Pozner, father of Noah, 6, who was the youngest victim of the December 2012 mass shooting, as in the book, Fetzer claimed that Pozner had fabricated copies of his son’s death certificate.

The author outlined his belief that the Newtown, Connecticut, mass shooting — which left 20 first-graders and six staff members dead — never happened and was instead an elaborate and criminal hoax staged by the federal government in an effort to pass stricter gun laws.

A Dane County jury deliberated for almost four hours before slapping Fetzer with the $450,000 fine.  

Fetzer called the amount “absurd” and said he would appeal the ruling.



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