The DINO COSTA Show. A bold and irreverent sports radio experience. DINO articulates his views with a candid and straight-forward style making his show a must-listen-to event each and every night. Impossible to ignore, DINO brings his unmistakable passion to the microphone with each show he does leaving a definite and permanent imprint on the minds of his listening audience with this one-of-a-kind sports radio spectacular.

He’s been labeled a ‘Mastermind’ and a ‘Savant’ by The New York Daily News. Talkers Magazine considers him one of the best sports radio hosts in America. Sports Illustrated has previously cited his work. DINO COSTA is the very epitome of a sports fanatic. DINO previously fashioned an unforgettable national sports radio show for SiriusXM while connecting with sports fans across America. During this time his show was featured in a national magazine story by Men’s Journal. While at SiriusXM DINO’S life story was made into a documentary film; Dino Costa, Truth Unscripted. DINO hosted a 10-part series for the Madison Square Garden Network; ‘Who Wore It Best’ a documentation of New York sports uniforms and those that wore them which was the eventual recipient of an Emmy Award. For 2-years during the 2005-06 seasons, DINO served as an in-studio host for Colorado Rockies major league baseball on Fox Sports Rocky Mountain. DINO has made numerous appearances on Fox News on shows like Hannity, America’s Newsroom, Megyn Kelly, and Imus In The Morning. Loved by many and hated by some, DINO brings his listeners on an unforgettable and impossible to ignore sports radio ride each time he goes to the microphone.